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Important Questions a Real Estate Buyer Should Ask

  1. How old is the home?
  2. How many owners has the home had?
  3. What is the general status of the building?
  4. How old is the roof? Paint? Carpet? Plumbing? Electrical? Etc.
  5. Are there any known problems with the home or property?
  6. Is the property in a flood plane?
  7. What is the neighborhood like?
  8. How are the neighbors?
  9. What is the school district?
  10. How much are the property taxes?
  11. How much are the utilities (monthly average)?
  12. Has there been a recent appraisal? If so, how much did the home appraise for?
  13. Has there been a recent Comparative Market Evaluation? If so, what were the results?
  14. What appliances are included? What condition are they in?
  15. How old is the furnace? Air conditioner?
  16. How old is the water heater? What size is it?
  17. Are there any seller incentives? (Cash back at closing; closing costs; carpet, paint or roof allowances; etc.)
  18. How much earnest money (deposit money) does the seller want?
  19. Would the seller consider an owner contract, lease, or rental option?
  20. How long of an escrow does the seller want?
  21. Would the seller consider an early occupation of the home, or allow you access to prepare the property for occupancy?

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